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          by Maria Marcos

Enhancing who you are

The way you present yourself to the world directly reflect on what you want to attract to your life. More than never it's essential to be balanced and healthy.


As a Certified Energy Healer with more than 15 years of practice with different approaches and   background and licensed in Esthetics in the State of California and expertise in many modalities including Oncology Esthetics, Maria Marcos brings  you a new and different experience on wellness and beauty.

Focused on your well being  and understanding that stress and lifestyle plays a big part on your health and appearance, Maria Marcos presents you Energy and Holistic Therapies  as solo for healing/decompressing from stress or as a complement to your skin care regimen, treating you as a whole - body, mind and spirit, so you can effectively see yourself being more relaxed, balanced, present and secure on who you are, and the reflection of your well being on your beauty treatment lasting longer.

You'll feel more relaxed, you'll feel grounded, you'll expand your awareness and you'll definitely glow, in and out.

It's all about your wellness, your essence,  enhancing who you are...

Access Consciousness Bars®

January 01, 2020

Change your reality allowing new possibilities through running The Bars® to function from an state of awareness.

Break patterns. Discover the power to be your unique YOU!

Reiki is a hands-on, non invasive energy therapy that helps to restore your energy balancing your mind, body and spirit. It releases anxiety, stress, also helps with migraines, addictions, grief and emotional issues.

Feel the Reiki energy bringing you to a deep state of relaxation where you might find a unique experience in each session.

Facials customized only for you!

With botanical and  organic enzyme peels to your specific kind of skin that gives it  a boost, you can also add Reiki Therapy to feel your best. Your skin will feel invigorated and fresh, your unique beauty will be noticed everywhere you go.

*We also offer the renowned chemical PCA Peels for skin correction, aliened with other modalities, as micro/wave dermabrasion, high/radio frequency.

With Advanced certification in these modalities, Maria Marcos treats your skin with knowledge and confidence that will bring you the best results in a safe and effective manner.

Using an European ultra-flexible low temperature hard wax for your Brazilian, no more  burning experiences guaranteed.

It's not about rush, it's a very detail oriented service that leads you to no more hair left behind, only a clean and soft skin, that makes your experience easier and almost painless overtime.

Try our exclusive full body wax service  with a 5 Star Wax Expert from Brazil.

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