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Maria Laura has been working as a Reiki Master privately for more than 15 years and is a volunteer  for the Office of Integrative Healing Arts at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego and for Community Reiki Clinics in partnership with Reiki Wind School and Healing Center in El Cajon and La Mesa.

Member of San Diego Reiki Corps, she is an active participant of the integrative healing practices such as  Access Consciousness Bars®, Healing Touch, Crystal Healing, Clairvoyance, Aromatherapy and Meditation.

She also has been applying Reiki hands-on  for participants of retreats from San Diego renowned coaches from different areas that empower women and men to recognize themselves as beings with unique gifts to make a change in their own lives and for the community.

She is known for her compassionate heart and is guided for her desire to help who is in need. Originally from Brazil, she made San Diego her home and does her practice in Solana Beach, CA attending all San Diego County and the world remotely.

As an experienced Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner and Certified Advanced Clairvoyant Maria Laura Marcos can help you restore your  natural ability to heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As a California Licensed Esthetician, Maria Laura believes treating yourself from within helps enhance your unique beauty.

"We shouldn't care only about the leaves, we also must care  about the roots, so the stem and leaves will grow healthier and glow long lasting from the inside out."

That's why she brings to you a holistic approach to beauty treatments, allying natural and/or organic and high quality products not only to Energy Therapy of Reiki but also to ancient Chinese Techniques like Gua Sha and Acupressure.


You'll feel restored, relaxed and ready to face the world.


She holds certifications for:

Oncology Esthetics/Sensitive Skin

Therapeutic Transformative Facial Massage

Advanced PCA Skin Peels



ProCell Therapies


and is also a 5 Stars waxer

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