Waxing is one of the best hair removal techniques.

Doing it in a regular basis it softens, lights and overtime reduces the hair,  Skin + by Maria Marcos not only offers a very detailed oriented service with the best waxing products, but also brings to you the innovative #Epilfree known as a natural alternative to laser for who wants to definitively eliminate the undesired hair.

#Epilfree is 99% botanical and natural,  differently from laser works on any part of the body, any color of hair, inclusive grey and blond, any color of skin and even on fussy hair for a fraction of the laser price.

#Epilfree takes from 10 to 12 sessions for the best results, is done together with your waxing service and the prices will vary with the extent of the service and usage of the product.

Make your appointment for waxing and we can go further on a consultation on how #Epilfree works and prices packages to see if #Epilfree is right for you.

        waxing  prices


Brows                         $25                             

Nose                          $20                              

Upper Lip                  $10                                

Chin                           $15                                 

Side burn                   $25                              

Neck                          $30                                  

Full Face                    $55                                  

Under Arms              $25

Half Arms                  $40

Full Arms                   $60

Upper Stomach        $30

Lower Stomach         $30

Full Stomach             $50

Happy Trail                $15

Bikini                          $40

Bikini Extended        $50

Brazilian                    $65

Butt Strip                   $25

Butt Only                   $40

Between Legs           $20

Back of Upper Legs  $20

Upper Leg                 $55

Lower Leg                  $50

Full Leg                      $90+


Brows                             $25

Nose                              $20+

Ears                                $30+

Beard clean-up             $30+

(jaw definition/cheeks)

Under Arms                    $25

Half Arms                        $45

Full Arms                         $65

Hands and Knuckles      $20

Upper Chest                  $35

Mid Stomach                 $35

Lower Stomach              $35

Chest/Stomach                    $70

Happy Trail                     $20

Between Legs                $25

Upper Leg                      $60

Lower Leg                      $55

Full Leg                          $100+

Toes and Feet                $20

Upper Back                    $35

Mid Back                        $35

Lower Back                     $35

Full Back                         $65

Back and Shoulders       $75

Upper Back               $30

Mid Back                   $30

Lower Back                $30

Full Back                     $60